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Sarung Tangan Anti Potong

Blue Eagle 52lr
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Brand: Honeywell Model: Sarung-Tangan-Blue-Eagle-52LR
Sarung Tangan Blue Eagle 52LRDescription Stainless Steel Protective Glove..
HoneyW. Chain. S5
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Brand: Honeywell Model: Sarung-Tangan-Honeywell-Chainex
Sarung Tangan Honeywell Chainex S5Description Cut resistant - Stainless steel..
Jogger Shield Jogger Shield
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Brand: Jogger Safety Model: Sarung-Tangan-Jogger-Shield
Sarung Tangan Jogger ShieldDescription Lining HPPE Liner HPPE Coating Pu Norms EN388:2003 Mechanical Performance level 4 5 4 3 SizeRange 8 - 11 Certificate GOST (RUSSIA) ..
Uvex Helix C500
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Brand: Uvex Safety Model: Sarung-Tangan-Uvex-Helix-C500-Foam
Sarung Tangan Uvex Helix C500 FoamDescription The C500 cut protection safety gloves range set new standards in protection, comfort, flexibility, dexterity and economy. Our new high-tech product concept with highest cut level 5 com..
Venitex Cut Resis.
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Brand: Venitex Model: Sarung-Tangan-Venitex-Cut-Resistant
Sarung Tangan Venitex Cut ResistantDescription Seamless knitted glove. TAEKI 5 High performance polyethylene fibre. Without coating. Gauge 10.Materials : Synthetic fibre TAEKI 5 (high performance)Sizes: 07, 09, 10Colours: Yellow / GreyTAEKI® 5 : HIGH PERFORMANCE POLYETHYLENENew cut res..
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