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Eye Protection

BesGard SG020 BesGard SG020
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Brand: BesGard Model: Goggle-BesGard-SG020
Goggle BesGard SG020DescriptionFeatures :Indirect vent.Suitable for use with mask.Excellent peripheral vision.Meets ANSI Z87.1, 2003 and CE Standards EN 166...
Cig Alpen
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Brand: CIG Model: Kacamata-Cig-Alpen
Kacamata CIG Alpen Description Lightweight Metalic Frame Flexible temple with spring hinge UV protection, PC lens, ANSI Z87.1.Product Code13CIGDGMF1152ASP      Black Frame with Clear Lens.13CIGDGMF2152ASP      Black Frame with Grey Lens...
Cig Angler
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Brand: CIG Model: Kacamata-Cig-Angler
Kacamata CIG Angler Description Single piece lens to suit most face. Wrap arround, frameless style for exceptional comfort and protection. Light weight anti scratch and avalaible in anti fog coating.Complies with ANSI Z87.1 StandardProduct Code13CIG881C      Clear Frame, Clear ..
Cig Barracuda
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Brand: CIG Model: Kacamata-Cig-Barracuda
Kacamata CIG Barracuda Description Sport styling Frame Design. Skull Grip temple for comfortable and secure fit. Wrap-around brow offering exceptional comfort, protection and fit.Soft universal fit nose pads prevent slippage.Lightweight Design.Ultra Violet (UV) protection.Hard coating for scratch ..
Cig Barramundi
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Brand: CIG Model: Kacamata-Cig-Barramundi
Kacamata CIG Barramundi Description Contemporary, sleek and contour design. Secure wrap-around brow fit wide range of end users. Skull Grip soft temple provides comfortable and secure fit.Soft universal soft nose pad prevents slippage.Ultra Violet (UV) protection.Hard coating for scratch resistanc..
Cig Betta
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Brand: CIG Model: Kacamata-Cig-Betta
Kacamata CIG Betta Description Wrap around, single piece lens that will fit most faces.Exceptional comfort protection and fit.Fits over most prescription spectacles.High impact resistant polycarbonate lens.Complies with ANSI Z87.1 and CE EN 166 Standards.Product Code13CIG3001    &nb..
Cig Blackfish
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Brand: CIG Model: Kacamata-Cig-Blackfish
Kacamata CIG Blackfish Description Stylish protective eyewear combining fashion fit and functions. Adjustable temple length enables wearers to fit eyewear to their facial profile. excellent field of vision.Universal soft nosebridge for comfort.Ultra Violet (UV) protection.Hard coating for scratch ..
Cig Capelin
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Brand: CIG Model: Kacamata-Cig-Capelin
Kacamata CIG Capelin Description Extremely lightweight with exceptional protection and field of vision. Molded in nose bridge for comfort and fit. Modern stylish design.Single fit lens to fit most faces.Complies with ANZI Z87.1 Standards.Available in Clear and smoke Lens.Product Code13CIGET671 &nb..
Cig Cisco
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Brand: CIG Model: Goggle-Cig-Cisco
Goggle CIG CiscoDescriptionValue for money, classic clear goggle with indirect ventilation for good air circulation.Adjustable strap for better fit.Available in anti fog to prevent fogging, enhancing safety.High impact resistant polycarbonate lenses.Meets ANSI Z87.1 dan CE EN 166:1995 standards.Prod..
Cig Cobia
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Brand: CIG Model: Kacamata-Cig-Cobia
Kacamata CIG Cobia Description Single piece lens with side shields. Nose pad for better fit. UV and Scratch resistant.Complies with ANSI Z87.1 StandardProduct Code13CIG851C      Clear Frame, Clear Lens.13CIG852S      Smoke Frame, Smoke Lens.13CIG855C  &..
Cig Danio
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Brand: CIG Model: Kacamata-Cig-Danio
Kacamata CIG Danio Description Sport styling frame design. Soft universal fit nose pads prevent slippage. Ultra Violet (UV) protection.Hard coating for anti scratch.Complies with ANSI Z87.1 StandardProduct Code13CIG871      Black Frame, Clear Lens.13CIG872    &nb..
Cig Dory
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Brand: CIG Model: Kacamata-Cig-Dory
Kacamata CIG Dory Description New Stylish Frame. Wrap-around protective eyewear offering exception comfort, protective and fit.Ultra Violet (UV) protection.Complies with ANZI Z87.1 Standard.Available in Clear, Grey and Silver Mirror Lens.Product Code13CIGVS110      Clear Frame ..
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